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Hiring the right employee for your organisation will never been easier with the help of TimeTec Hire. Our cloud-based solution gives you the power in managing every level of your recruitment process from posting job openings until the final recruitment process, all documented on cloud.

Organisations can now post their available positions online while including the job description and requirements, company background, benefits provided and other information that can gain the interest of candidates. Candidates can then proceed to fill out the online application form with detailed information that is required by the company. Having digital data of all job applicants make future references a breeze and eliminating data duplication. Hiring managers will be notified when an application is submitted and can view the details for the screening process.

TimeTec Hire offers a solution that reduces the overall cost of recruitment, as it is no longer necessary to pay for advertising or employ job recruitment agencies, while at the same time reducing paperwork and filing tasks. With TimeTec Hire, your overall hiring process will be more organised and efficient with automated systems that minimizes hassle and time consumption for both you and your candidates.

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