TimeTec Hire Benefits
Recruit only the best for your business with TimeTec Hire. Assess candidates without bias or personal preference. Work together, determine your business needs and plan a hiring process to attract the best and brightest minds into your company with TimeTec Hire.
Centralized and Flexible Hiring Workflow
TimeTec Hire is flexible and easy to be adapted in any company. Recruiters are able to customize their recruitment process tailoring to the company's hiring protocols.
Serves as Employee Profile Database
All recruited employee profiles would be automatically transferred to the employee profile database for easy future reference and to be used in other TimeTec applications such as TimeTec TA and TimeTec Leave. The employee database can also be categorized to cater different types of employees like contract workers, resigned/suspended employees, interns, and etc.
Transparent Fair Filtration Process
The solution is methodized to ensure that skills and qualities of a candidate is evaluated thoroughly and meet the requirements of the employees. The recruitment process is transparent and recorded in black and white to avoid any form of biasness or partiality.
Improve Overall Hiring Quality
Get hold of the best people by using TimeTec Hire. Reach out to as many candidates as possible and pick the suitable ones to join your team. TimeTec Hire allows you to focus more on the candidate’s quality rather than the paperwork.
Expels Deadweight on the Recruiter
TimeTec Hire removes all manual-hiring episodes and simplifies the recruitment tasks, allowing the recruiters to focus on the candidate's adequacy instead of the trails of paperworks and other miscellaneous tasks that may take up their time and concentration.
Eases Participation and Communication
During the hiring process, it is important that relevant authorities are kept well informed on the process. TimeTec Hire can easily bridge conversations so that all individuals involved are always in the know. The hiring managers, recruiters, and coordinators can communicate with each other via the "Leave a Note" discussion medium.
Bottom-Line Saving
TimeTec Hire surely can help you save a big amount on the overall recruitment cost. To begin with, the hiring team will no longer need to pay for advertising or employ a job recruitment agency.
Operates from a Unified Medium
The entire process from the job posting to the interview, short listing and candidate recruitment take place on a centralized cloud-based platform, where there is absolutely no need for other storage mediums.