1. How is the pricing of TimeTec Hire?

TimeTec Hire is priced at RM500/USD200 per block of 10 Job postings per year. For example, if your company purchased a block of TimeTec Hire on 8 August 2018, the job postings can be used until the same date 2019 before all the postings expire.

2. What is TimeTec Profile and why does it come with TimeTec Hire?

TimeTec Profile is a tool to collect and centralize your workforce’s profiles into one cloud-based system at a minimal cost. We offer TimeTec Profile at USD1 per year, and when you have TimeTec Hire, onboarding process will be a breeze into TimeTec Profile. Say if you have a 100 staffs and you want to buy a block of TimeTec Hire with TimeTec Profile, you just have to pay for USD300 dollar (USD100 for TimeTec Profile and USD200 for TimeTec Hire) annually and enjoy all the features offered.

3. If we are not interested in TimeTec Profile, can we only buy TimeTec Hire or do you have a separate package that we can buy?

Definitely a possibility. You can either subscribe to TimeTec Hire alone, or you can choose from other TimeTec workforce solutions such as TimeTec TA for Time Attendance & TimeTec Leave for Employee Leave Management.

4. I have a total of 100 staffs. Can I buy TimeTec Profile for 25, and buy TimeTec Hire?

Yes. It's your decision to purchase the number of licences. However, when you purchased only 25 profile, you can only include 25 employee into the system, which will not give you the overview of your whole workforce. The calculation will be USD25 for a year of TimeTec Profile and USD200 for 10 job postings in TimeTec Hire for a year, total US225.

5. When I engaged with TimeTec Hire, could I advertise the job post in other hiring platforms, and does it come free or do I still have to pay for the extra charges?

Yes, you can definitely market your job post in other hiring platforms of your choice but it is at your own cost.

6. If I would like to buy job postings in bulk for example 100, any discounts apply?

Yes. If you require a large number of job posting in your account, please send enquiry at info@timeteccloud.com and our sales team will give you a special discount.

7. I have a total of 200 staffs, and I want to buy TimeTec Hire in bulk i.e. 100 for 2 years usage, how would the calculation be?

For every annual subscription, TimeTec offers a 10% discount. Hence, for a 2-year subscription, we will definitely offer you an even better discount. Email info@timeteccloud.com to let us know if you are keen to subscribe for more than 1 year.

8. I have purchased 1 block of 20 job postings in a year and halfway through the year I want to add another block of 20 job postings, how do you calculate the recent purchase and its expiry date. Would the expiry date be consolidated to the old ones or this will block will have its own expiry date?

You can choose to consolidate the expiry date with the existing licences, or have a different expiry date to the new purchase. The choice is yours.

9. Can I buy less than a block?

We offer job post in a block of 10. Hence, you won't be able to buy the job post for less than 10 posts.

10. If I'm not using the posts from my purchase, can I exchange them for cash?

No. Unless you choose to terminate your account during your subscription period. Otherwise, you could not cash out part of the licences that you purchased. Refer to our Payment Policy for more info.

11. Do I have to pay extra for the onboarding process?

For as long as you are subscribing to TimeTec Profile, the onboarding process of hired candidates to your employee database is free of charge.