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1. How much would TimeTec Hire cost me? How do I calculate my subscription?

The cost of TimeTec Hire depends on the number of users and the number of jobs you want to publish. User refers to the personnel that will have access to the solution, for example, hiring managers, recruiters, coordinators, etc.

We offer 2 plans to choose from Startup and Business. Consider the number of job vacancies you currently need to see which plan suits your company best.

Startup plan would cost you RM600/USD240 per user annually. It comes with 10 job posts.

The Business plan would cost you RM1200/USD480 per user annually. It offers unlimited job posts.

2. How do you count the job post license?

In TimeTec Hire, you can have many job postings with different status: Published, Unpublished, Scheduled, Draft, Expired, and Closed. Job post license will only count the PUBLISHED job postings.

3. When I engaged with TimeTec Hire, could I advertise the job post in other hiring platforms, and does it come free or do I still have to pay for the extra charges?

Yes, you can definitely market your job post in other hiring platforms of your choice but it is at your own cost.

4. Can I change the qualification and requirement for a published job post?

Any changes made to the templates (qualification & requirement, questionnaire, interview scorecard) AFTER the job post has been published will not reflect in the job post. This is because, once the job post has been published, there may be applicants that are in the process of applying it. Thus the system will not make any changes to the published post. New changes will only reflect at the new/draft job post.

5. What's the maximum duration I can set to my job post? Do you impose a certain validity for the job post?

We don't set a fixed validity for the job post. You can set your own effective date; which is the duration that the job post will appear in Career Page. The maximum duration you can set to your job post would be based on your expiry date. For example, if you have subscribed to a 1-year plan, ending on 31/12/2020. The maximum date you can set for your job post would be on 31/12/2020.

6. The vacancies have been filled earlier than I expected. Can I close the job post?

Yes. You can close any published job post when the vacancies have been filled.

7. Can I edit the effective date when I have published a job post?

Yes. you can change the effective date if you are the Hiring Manager for the job post. If you are a Recruiter, you can only extend the job post for another 15 days.

8. I'm on Startup plan and I've used up all my job post license before my expiry date. Can I still use TimeTec Hire?

Definitely. You can still use TimeTec Hire to process applications, create questionnaires, set a new qualification or even draft a new job post. However, you cannot post new job posting because you have run out of license. You can only publish a new job posting when you have closed or unpublished the current published job post.

9. Do I have to pay extra for the onboarding process?

For as long as you are subscribing to other TimeTec solutions like TimeTec TA, TimeTec Leave, TimeTec Access or TimeTec Patrol, the onboarding process of hired candidates to your employee database is free of charge.

10. If I'm not using the posts from my purchase, can I exchange them for cash?

No. Unless you choose to terminate your account during your subscription period. Otherwise, you could not cash out part of the licences that you purchased. Refer to our Payment Policy for more info.