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TimeTec Hire Solution
Overview of TimeTec Hire
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Job Application
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Applicant Management
Seamless Onboarding Process
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Why TimeTec Hire
Because employing the right people for your business is the most important part of your organization and a good recruitment process can minimize the time involved in the searching, interviewing, hiring and training of your new workforce. TimeTec Hire is a tool that lets you get involve from the beginning to find your quality candidates by streamlining a neat recruitment workflow that will work best for your company. With TimeTec Hire as a recruitment machine, you can layout a systematic process adhering to your company's protocol and implement it throughout the hiring process so that each stage is conducted with absolute transparency and convenience.
Create and manage online job vacancy postings
Customize and automate for success
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How Does It Work?
Think of it as using your recruitment tool to get you the best workforce that you desire in the job market. This customised hiring tool will cover the overall recruitment proceedings from recruitment requisition approval to job posting until onboarding seamlessly. And, you can post your company's job openings based on your preferences anytime, from anywhere without worry. The recruitment process is transparent, where partiality does not stand a chance. After the hiring process is complete, the employee profile will be updated on an ongoing basis to upkeep the latest employee information at all times.
Recruitment Requisition Approval
Customize Hiring Workflow
Fuss-Free Job Creation
Automated Applicant Screening
Customizable Application Forms and Questionnaires
Appointment of Hiring Teams
Interview Scheduler
Career Site Management
Hiring Simplified
TimeTec Hire Benefits
Recruit only the best for your business with TimeTec Hire. Assess candidates without bias or personal preference. Work together, determine your business needs and plan a hiring process to attract the best and brightest minds into your company with TimeTec Hire.
Centralized and Flexible Hiring Workflow
Transparent Fair Filtration Process
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TimeTec Hire for Effective Recruitment Management
Obtain Recruitment Requisition Approval from Management
Appoint a collaborative hiring team
Decide on the hiring process for each vacancy
Create relevant application forms for various vacancies
Determine general and specific Qualifications and Requirements
Create Questionnaires and Interview Score Cards
Ready to Post and Share the Vacancies
Share on social media & online employment marketplaces
Recruitment Platforms such as LinkedIn, JobStreet, JobsDB, Recooty, Workable, and many more
Receive applications from candidates
Automatic screening based on requirements
Knowledge tests via questionnaires
Interview stage filtered by scorecards
Job Offer Negotiation
Job Acceptance
On boarding process
Sync with TimeTec Profile
Recycle the templates for similar positions
DROP RESUME Job seekers can drop their resumes to the company of their choice for future consideration.
Improve your Workforce Time and Attendance Management

Connect TimeTec Hire with our time attendance & scheduling solution; TimeTec TA. Clock time, monitor time and value time in your business with TimeTec solution. TimeTec TA is directly linked to TimeTec Hire for a more effective operation.

TimeTec TA
Experience the Convenience of Employee Leave Management

Apart from managing your recruitment process with TimeTec Hire, TimeTec also offers TimeTec Leave for a modern way to manage your employee's leave. Stop wasting time with the manual way and start your cloud-based leave solution now with TimeTec Leave.

TimeTec Leave
Keeping All Your Team in One Place Effortlessly

Centralize your employee profiles in one cloud-based tool, TimeTec Profile and use the same data from TimeTec Profile across all your other solutions. Start saving your employee's details in TimeTec Profile now.

Get TimeTec Profile for FREE when you sign up with TimeTec Hire

TimeTec Profile
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