How Does It Work?
TimeTec Hire covers the overall recruitment proceedings from job posting until onboarding. Companies can post their job openings online to interest and invite the right candidate for an interview or evaluation. The recruitment process is also exposed to absolute transparency where biasness or partiality may not stand a chance. Operating on a fully automated mode, the entire recruitment process takes place in a single point discarding confusion or the messiness of multiple storage facilities and checkpoints. After the hiring process completes, the employee profile can be updated on an ongoing basis to upkeep the latest employee information at all times.
TimeTec Hire is available on a cloud server, that you may access easily from anywhere any time, as long as you have a valid login ID.
It is surely an advantage to deploy with TimeTec Hire because it provides efficient online system that's able to:
Create and manage online job vacancy postings.
Customize questionnaires and assessment form, complete with weightage and scorecards for automatic assessment calculation.
Manage all applicants' data including resume submissions and assessments in one centralized system.
Shortlist applicants using comprehensive score cards method.
Set and manage interview sessions easily.
Provides reports on hiring activity.