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How Does It Work?
Think of it as using your recruitment tool to get you the best workforce that you desire in the job market. This customised hiring tool will cover the overall recruitment proceedings from recruitment requisition approval to job posting until onboarding seamlessly. And, you can post your company's job openings based on your preferences anytime, from anywhere without worry. The recruitment process is transparent, where partiality does not stand a chance. After the hiring process is complete, the employee profile will be updated on an ongoing basis to upkeep the latest employee information at all times.
TimeTec Hire is available on a cloud server, accessible from anywhere at any time, and we have more reasons for you to engage with TimeTec Hire
Create and manage online job vacancy postings
Customize and automate for success
Advertise safely
Centralize the process
Avert partiality
Collaborate to find the best