Dodging Bad Hires Through Cloud Hire
Year in year out, companies around the world are struggling with staff turnover and recruitment of new hires, because according to the statistic, half of the new hires will get fired or quit in the first 6 months due to various reasons and the remaining is not exactly your dream employees. The U.S. Department of Labor states that the cost of bad hire is equivalent to around 30% of the employee's first year earning. But more than that monetary cost, bad hires can and will disrupt your company more than you expected.
There are many reasons company hires bad employees and on top of it is desperation. When key positions are emptied or created, candidates are usually required as quickly as possible to fill in those positions. With desperation comes hastiness that leads to carelessness and bad judgments.
Inadequate Screening
When a company does not have a proper screening process for all the incoming applications, it'll require more time, money and skills to yield the desired results.
Lack of Hiring Skills
Asking the right questions will yield the right answers and not only that the candidates must possess all the skills required, the recruiters also must know what you are looking for in a hire to score a good one.
Poor Analysis
You are hiring for a specific position that you have less knowledge about but your company needs it. How do you do it? Bad hires occur when the recruiters did a poor analysis of a job functions, the skill sets required and the behaviors needed for that particular job.
Fail to Check References
Believe it or not that many recruiters overlooked this step because they want to believe that nobody forges, oversells or lies during an interview. Checking references requires time and efforts, which many are reluctant to do, a decision that risks the company in the end.
Second Opinion Matters
Bad hires often times happen because a recruiter thought that he/she has made a decent decision. However, taking a second opinion or a third could show you sides that you couldn't see during the recruitment process.
Exaggerate Expectations
When you oversell what you have and didn't deliver when the hires report to work, that's when things go downhill. You could lose good employees over this and the company will suffer as a result.
Lackluster Recruiters
Appointing recruiters that are not enthusiastic about recruiting new talents because the job has become a mundane job could be a factor for bad hires.
The Cost Of Bad Hires
When you lose one new recruit or you have to deal with a bad hire, it's actually costing your company more than money. Bad hires could disrupt the whole company ecosystem if they are not managed or get rid of quickly. Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos introduced "Pay to Quit" program, offering the uninitiated and the uninspired employees to leave the company by paying them money. It sounds utterly ridiculous but the honest reality is, keeping bad hires are costing your company more money than saving it. What could possibly be damaging about bad hires?
Having employees who are not excited about the company's visions and goals are damaging because they will produce shoddy jobs that could cause imbalance in the company because when the good staff will have to pick up the slack and burn out in the end.
Effect the Company Culture Negatively
Bad hires usually have various qualities that are not preferred by any company such as bad mouthing management, playing politics, creating conflict and many more. When a few bad apples disrupt the company culture, to get that harmony back will take time at the expense of everyone.
Lost Productivity
Bad hires are causing company to lose productivity when the positions are left unattended and while waiting for the new recruit to report to work. The lost productivity is definitely costly especially when it involves key positions.
Lost Time
Recruiting new employees for any position requires time. While some positions might take more time than another positions, the common disadvantage is the lost time incurred during the recruitment process.
Recruitment Expense
There is a price tag for every recruitment process and the longer it takes to secure a position, the higher the price of recruitment will be and if all the processes failed to produce a desired candidate, the company loses.
Training Expense
Every new employee needs to be trained properly to enable him/her to perform as per the company's expectation. All trainings provided are expenses and when someone leaves or not performing as expected, the company has to bear the consequences.
Having bad hires is not only affecting the company culture, it also dampens employee morale when they have to deal with the absence of a certain position that affects their task flow.

TimeTec Hire - Hire Right, Hire Sights
Understanding The Advantages!

TimeTec Hire is a cloud-based automated recruitment solution that simplifies and makes effective the entire hiring process for companies of various sizes from across multiple industries. TimeTec Hire is designed to return the power of workforce recruitment to employers from recruitment agencies, to assist the company in hiring suitable employees and to reduce the possibility of hiring unsuitable staff. TimeTec Hire is online; accessible by authorized personnel at anytime, from anywhere, and it adheres to the company's hiring policy and processes reliably. Utilizing TimeTec Hire, the new recruitment data can be assimilated to the existing workforce instantaneously right after the onboarding process, making recruitment process a breeze.

TimeTec Hire presents a handful of useful feature to assist your company securing the employees you've always desired.

Any recruitment starts with a job creation. The job creation process has to be properly taken care of because it would lead you to the candidates for the position you created. TimeTec Hire lets you define your requirements from the ready available list in the system, and at the same time you can create your own requirements in the system for future use. The jobs that have been created will be saved in the system, ready to be used in case you need the same or similar position in the future.

And once the job is created, the hiring workflow has to be established to regulate proper recruitment to avoid skipping a process or two intentionally in the midst of desperation. It could be one workflow applies to all; or it could have a variety of workflow for different positions. TimeTec Hire caters from simplicity to complexity in hiring workflow; all depends on the company's hiring processes and policy.

TimeTec Hire makes sure that all applicants' initial applications will be screened and categorized using a non-biased score system, determine by your organization. When the screening process eliminates emotions or relations, the results are unbiased and you'll be presented with suitable candidates for the position your created, ready for your next workflow. You can also create your own application forms and questionnaires that are prepared by the experts in the company to obtain the right information from the applicants. Set the score cards for both application forms and questionnaires to determine the applicants' performance without any bias.
Many job offers turn out not to work out well for many companies because of biasness of the interviewers and the tendency to overlook over certain elements. TimeTec Hire lets you select a team of hiring personnel for a particular position in order to determine the most suitable candidates to be offered the vacancies. Two pairs of eyes are better than a pair.

Arrange appointments and interview sessions in one system to avoid a mix up. The interview scheduler is complete with notification system to remind the appointments and interviews made with candidates because interviewee times are as valuable as the interviewers.

Display your company's job openings on your company's career site easily with TimeTec Hire. Changes made in the TimeTec Hire will update your career page automatically. You will also have the option to link your company's vacancies to other third party hiring solution to give the vacancies more exposure and conversion.

When the hiring process is complete, Company can prepare and send the offer letter straight to the selected candidate and package negotiation can be carried out in TimeTec Hire complete with trail of discussions for transparency and remedy.

When the hiring process is completed, the newly joined employee's data will be assimilated into the system instantaneously without HR personnel having to input all the data into the system anymore. Automation of hiring process made easy for HR.

All job creations, applications and questionnaires submissions will be kept in TimeTec Hire database for reference. By having a pool of hiring data intact, your company can refer to the data in case you require anything and it will save a lot of the HR department's time rather than doing the paperwork and retrieving of files.