TimeTec Hire Features
Determine your workforce by utilizing the many features available in TimeTec Hire. The system's flexibility is a win for you as employers and it will filter the candidate applications to provide you with the most suitable and potential candidate for the vacancies in your organization.
Customize Hiring Workflow
What is your common hiring workflow? It could be a 5-step flow such as Job application, Screening, Interview 1, Interview 2 and Hire; or it could be a more complex process involving 7 steps such as Job application, Screening, Interview 1, Questionnaire, Interview 2, Leadership Assessment, Final Interview and Hire. Different positions require different hiring workflow. TimeTec Hire caters to your company's simplicity or complexity in hiring workflow, we let you decide.
Fuss-Free Job Creation
Job creation stage is crucial because this can lead you to your preferred candidates for the position you created. TimeTec Hire lets you select your requirements from our predefined list of job requirements, and at the same time we offer flexibility for you to create your own requirements in the system to be used in the future. The jobs that have been created will be saved in the system for next time, if the similar position is required.
Automated Applicant Screening
All applicants' initial applications will be screened and categorized using a non-biased score system, determine by your organization. When the screening process does not involve any personnel, the results will provide you with the suitable candidate for the position for your next stage of workflow.
Customizable Application Forms and Questionnaires
TimeTec Hire lets you create your own application forms and questionnaires to obtain the right information from the applicants. Set the score cards for both application forms and questionnaires to determine the applicants' performance without any bias.
Appointment of Hiring Teams
Many job offers turn out not to work out well for many companies because of biasness of the interviewers and the tendency to overlook over certain elements. TimeTec Hire lets you select a team of hiring personnel for a particular position in order to determine the most suitable candidates to be offered the vacancies. Two pairs of eyes are better than a pair.
Interview Scheduler
Arrange appointments and interview sessions in one system so with TimeTec Hire you'll avoid a mix up. The interview scheduler is complete with notification system to remind you on the appointments and interviews you made with candidates. Interviewee times are as valuable as yours, hence TimeTec Hire takes care of both accordingly.
Career Site Management
Display your company's job openings on your company's career site easily with TimeTec Hire. Changes made in the TimeTec Hire will update your career page automatically. You will also have the option to link your company's vacancies to other third party hiring solution to give the vacancies more exposure and conversion.
Hiring, Simplified
When the hiring process is complete, Company can prepare and send the offer letter straight to the selected candidate and package negotiation can be carried out in TimeTec Hire complete with trail of discussions for transparency and remedy.
Instant Assimilation Into Current Employee Data
When the hiring process is completed, the newly joined employee's data will be assimilated into the system instantaneously without HR personnel having to input all the data into the system anymore. Automation of hiring process made easy for HR.
Data Intact, Saves Time
All job creations, applications and questionnaires submissions will be kept in TimeTec Hire database for reference. By having a pool of hiring data intact, your company can refer to the data in case you require anything and it will save a lot of the HR department's time rather than doing the paperwork and retrieving of files.