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FingerTec News | 05/07/2019
When job vacancies are published, resumes are expected to pour in. The larger the company, the more applicants are expected to apply. The more positions available, the quantity of resumes received multiplies. As such, companies might assign a few personnel to go through piles of applications and credentials to find the right candidates they were looking for. But, normally, many applicants just apply certain positions to “try their luck” even though they know that they are not qualified for the vacancy. What’s more, going through resumes are time consuming and the interpretation of each is rather subjective. On top, those assigned with the task are also having other tasks to carry out rather than to spend time sifting through the resumes to find the right candidates for the job. Hence, to remedy the situation and to reduce time wasting, more and more companies are turning to Applicant Tracking System to streamline the hiring process for the company, efficiently.

So what is Applicant Tracking System, how does it work and why this tool is important to multinational corporations and a growing number of small and mid-sized businesses in the hiring process?

In short, Applicant Tracking System software provides recruiting and hiring tools for companies to collect and sort thousands of resumes, in order to find the ones that match the requirements of the job posts offered, before proceeding with the rest of the hiring process. This solution has become crucial to many organizations because it is able to filter through the resumes and find the suitable candidates for your company without any bias and everything can be completed in the shortest amount of time possible.

With this in mind, TimeTec introduces TimeTec Hire, the applicant tracking system designed to find the perfect match between what’s required and what’s available in the job market. TimeTec Hire is made to handle job postings, hiring flow, applications, up to on-boarding of new recruits into the company via TimeTec Profile.
Job Postings

Specify job requirements for the system to filter all the resumes submitted and provide you with the candidates who suit your requirements. All the resumes will go through the system and the match percentage will be displayed for comparison.

a. Open Vacancy

From the application form to the qualification requirements and questionnaire(s), the hiring personnel have to make sure that these processes are done right and accurate to gain better results from TimeTec Hire.

Create score cards for interview sessions to assess the candidates objectively before a company proceeds to hire. The results of the interviews are transparent and automatically calculated to provide unbiased outcome.
Hiring Workflow

Recruiter has to adhere to the hiring flow set, therefore nobody can skip any steps to give candidates an unfair advantage.
Job Offer

Detail out the job offer package and start negotiating with the successful candidates.

When all is done and agreed upon, the new recruit’s data can be directly channeled to TimeTec Profile for usage in TimeTec TA for attendance and TimeTec Leave for leave management.

Drop Resume

Another interesting feature by TimeTec Hire is Drop Resume, whereby job seekers can drop their resumes to the company of their choice for future consideration.
Dashboard/Home Page

Recruiters are presented with dashboard/homepage to oversee interview schedule as well as the “My To Do List” for pending tasks.

TimeTec Hire brings about a multitude of advantages to the company. By having your own hiring portal, the hiring process can be automated seamlessly and affordably within your own organization. Apart from being able to reduce countless man hours needed to go through all applications, let the solution does it for you automatically and provides you with the ranking of candidates worthy for interviews. Streamline the interview process and get the best out of the shortlisted applicants, plus centralize and manage all the job offers and onboarding process from one solution.
Share Job Postings on Social Media

Social media has become an important platform for current and future talent pool, and TimeTec Hire comes with feature to share job post on social media for an added exposure.
Data Protection

TimeTec Hire is developed by TimeTec, a company with ISO 27001 certification and adhering to the CMMI Level 3 standard. Hence, data protection is uphold with PDPA, GDPR and Privacy Statement.

b. Mailers to keep hiring personnel and candidates updated.
Constant improvement in business operations can benefit a business in the long run and having TimeTec Hire as a recruitment hiring tool is a step in the right direction. TimeTec Hire will be available to subscribe in September.
In the meantime, go to www.timetechire.com to experience the Beta version.

Revert to us if you have any thoughts about Applicant Tracking System or TimeTec Hire.