TimeTec Hire
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FingerTec News | 30/05/2019
TimeTec Hire, another workforce cloud-based solution from TimeTec Cloud will be available for public test pretty soon.

This is a cloud-solution designed to automate hiring selection based on the hiring processes and criteria set by a company, with the ultimate objective to own the recruitment process and to get the best out of the talent pool. With TimeTec Hire, recruiters can create and manage online job vacancy postings, customize and automate the hiring requirements, advertise the positions anywhere securely, centralize the processes into one system, avert partiality/biases and collaborate better in the hiring process to get the best out of recruitment exercises.
What’s In Store in this Test Runs
 Explore Admin Settings

Find out how an admin can set up an application form to collect basic information of applicants followed by setup of Qualification & Requirement for education, skill, experience and etc. Besides, TimeTec Hire also provides a way to setup Questionnaire to be used as a tool to evaluate applicants’ knowledge and interview Scorecard is also available in TimeTec Hire to assist to record and evaluate behaviour & performance of application during interview session.
 Explore Hiring Workflow

There are 3 steps to setup a Hiring Workflow. First is the Screening Process whereby applicants will undergo and initial screening process screened based on their qualification and requirements. Once that step is completed, next is to move on to questionnaire and interview scorecard to assess specific knowledge and expertise of the applicants about the position applied and the final stage is when the job being offered and the processes involved.
 Explore the Job Post and How it Looks Like to Applicants

Through TimeTec Hire, recruiter needs to add a Job Post and share it on relevant medias. Applicants can always access to TimeTec Hire’s Career Listing page and when there is a position that caught their fancies, they need to sign up to apply for the job. These are not all, onboarding process, mailers, backend processing service, and many more will be ready in the Alpha version.

On top, the development team is also planning for pending modules and changes for future modules include Setup Wizard, Application form templates, Qualification and Requirement templates and many more templates based on various industries.

The TimeTec Hire Alpha will be released to LIVE around June end and we will conduct a 2 months test before releasing a Beta to LIVE by September. And TimeTec Hire is expected to be officially released to the market by November of 2019. We will keep you updated, watch this space for the announcements.