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Malaysia | 04/10/2019
Beyond Biometrics interviews Ms Chia Fei Fei, Senior HR & Admin Executive on her first experience using TimeTec Hire for the office hiring process.
Before you use TimeTec Hire, what were the problems you need to deal with during hiring?
A bit tedious because I needed to email or call the candidate to confirm the Interview, and most of the time, this can't be settled in one shot. Some didn't pick up the call, some found it hard to give a straight answer on interview date confirmation, etc. And, more often than not, candidates would call to change the interview date, and I have to contact the people in charge to get their approval before I can commit to the new date. Also, sometimes the interviewers forgot the interview date, and I have to start the process again from step one. With TimeTec Hire, everything is centralized and automated. When I send an invitation for an interview, the candidate needs to respond through the same system so nothing gets lost in the process.
You have started using TimeTec Hire lately. In your opinion, which features in TimeTec Hire help you the most?
I definitely fall in love with the Dashboard, the Upcoming Interview Calendar and the Applicant Latest Activity because I don't have to remember all those details anymore! (It's a lot of information, mind you) Another thing that I like about TimeTec Hire is the fact that all the processes are done within the web application itself, and the notifications sent via email to relevant parties. Easy. And last but definitely not least, the screening process. I'm sure all the department heads also appreciate this feature because to go through a pile of resumes is cumbersome, and sometimes not fruitful.
How does TimeTec Hire benefit you and the company?
In a lot of ways! With TimeTec Hire, it is easy for me to connect with the candidate virtually. People are always on their smartphone, so it's easier to catch them through email rather than on the phone, it's irony, I know. It also saves a lot of my time from tracking candidates' statuses. I need to answer questions from many departments so to have the data on my fingertip, it's God sent.
Do you find it easy to handle the hiring flow in TimeTec Hire?
To be honest, it needs a slight learning curve, but at the same time, it is not THAT hard. When you have gone through the flow once, you kinda get the hang of it, and things start to flow. There are only 5 steps to master, set up templates, post jobs, fill up required details, generate a link, and you can post the job post online, ready to receive candidates. And, the good thing is, you don't need to repeat some processes like the required details if you have done it before. TimeTec Hire offers duplication, and that's awesome.
Did you hire anybody through TimeTec Hire lately?
Oh, definitely Yes! And so far, the head of departments revert that the new recruits match their requirements quite excellently. As an HR, I'm happy with this development because hiring is an expensive process and if we can get it right every time, then it's beneficial for the company as a whole.
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