TimeTec Hire
A Perfect System For Job Fair Organizer
FingerTec News | 04/10/2019
TimeTec Hire is a Cloud-Based Recruitment System that handles the hiring process from pre-hiring to selection process and post-hiring in a seamless way possible. By tapping on TimeTec Hire, job fair organizers can offer exhibitors and visitors with value-added services pre-event and beyond.
TimeTec Hire for Effective Recruitment Management
TimeTec Hire Diagram
Advantages for Event Organizer
Value-added solutions for exhibitors and jobseekers
Readily available vacancies
Application on the spot
Receive applicants prior and during
x exhibitors @ y job posts x 50 = Value to Job Fair Organizer
Systematic & high tech
Vacancies can be applied directly after the show
All database is available for the organizer
Advantages for Exhibitors
 Jobs available online before the show
 Applicants can apply for the jobs
 System auto-filters suitable candidates for interview sessions
 Exhibitors get to know more about relevant candidates
 Time and resources efficiency for better ROI
 Get more applicants to drop resumes during the show
 Manageable Application Funnel for 30 more days after the show
 Higher desirability for invested money
Advantages for Jobseekers

Apply for jobs before the event through the organizer website, and scan the QR codes to drop resumes during the event.

Scatter QR codes all around for the jobseekers to scan and drop their resumes during the show

  Prepare a few stations for jobseekers to register their particulars and drop resumes
  The information can be filtered and shared with exhibitors post-event
  Add value to exhibitors
Features of TimeTec Hire

Post Vacancies
Customize application forms, set minimum qualifications and requirements to aim for the most suitable candidates.

Automated Screening Process
Applicants qualifications and credentials will be screened and matched against the requirements to shortlist the most viable candidates

Weight applicant's interview points on each recruitment stage and shortlist using comprehensive scorecards method.

Customize Questionnaires
Different position requires different knowledge and expertise. Hence, craft your questionnaires to test the candidate’s understanding of the job first hand.

Data Integration
All data from newly recruited employees are easily integrated with TimeTec Profile and other TimeTec solutions.

Remuneration Package
Offer remuneration packages easily. Applicants can accept, decline or negotiate a remuneration package; ensuring a win-win situation for both parties.

Check Status
Applicants can log in anytime to check on their recruitment status and update their profile, including a contact number. Managers can monitor the hiring process and make necessary adjustments on the hiring status to get the best person for the job.
TimeTec Hire Advantage
Real Time Data
Remote Management
Multiple Access
Data Storage Security
FREE Software Update

We invite Job Fair companies to collaborate with TimeTec Hire for better Job Fair management. Call us if you have a job fair planned
(Mr Marcus Tng - 016 9608348) and find out how TimeTec Hire can propel your event to another level.